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Why Soy Blend Wax?

About our wax; Soy-paraffin blend...

Our smooth soy-paraffin wax blend is the perfect balance between high scent retention and fantastic scent throw. The best of both worlds!

It has a high melt point which enables it to retain a high fragrance load to give a stronger scent throw. Soybeans are a highly renewable, eco-friendly source for many products, such as our candle wax.

About our wicks; Cotton wicks...

The purpose of a wick is to send the wax to the flame, like a fuel pump. The wick draws the melted wax up to the flame to burn. Different wick sizes allow for different amounts of fuel to be sent to the flame.

Braided and knitted wicks use core material to keep the wick upright while burning, however when curled while burning they will self-trim by curling into the flame. The most common core materials for wicks are cotton, paper, zinc and tin.

Ours have a cotton core.

Remember to always trim your wick down to 1/4" before lighting!

Failing to do so will cause the wick to not burn properly.

About our oils; phthalate-free fragrances...

‘Phthalates’ is the name of a group of chemicals that have many uses. Within that group there are different types of phthalates that are used for various purposes, one of which is commonly used in fragrance oils. Products that include phthalates are quickly becoming a concern to consumers due to certain types within the group being labeled as potentially having negative effects on human health.  The particular type of phthalates creating this concern is typically used as ‘plasticizers,’ which allow plastic products to become flexible without compromising their strength.

Our candles do not contain these phthalates.

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