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For wholesale ordering contact us directly at

ALL WHOLESALE orders are now via EMAIL ONLY.

This site is no longer for ordering, only for informational purposes.

Our freshie production process is the FASTEST on the market - guaranteed!


(the current hottest selling scents are highlighted!)

No. 1 kiss me in the dark
Mimics burberry brit cologne

No. 2 rose queen
smooth rose scent

No. 5 let's go to luckenbach
leather & embers

No. 8 comal county blue
a twist on our famous no.35, baja
cactus, cucumber, & green tea

No. 10 orange blossom special
light, smooth orange & cream

No. 11 gin, smoke, lies
leather & pancakes

No. 13 ringling road
blackberry lemon iced tea

No. 14 love is crazy
cowboy musk cologne,
also known as "black ice"

No. 17 fishin in the dark
honeydew melon, lemon, &
starburst candy scented

No. 74 sancho
leather, cherries, & strawberry.
No one can resist Sancho!
also known as "strawberry leather"

No. 19 banana berry beach
strawberry banana smoothie
*our #1 best seller in the summer!*

No. 21 tsunami

energizing citrus and sugar
*our NEWEST scent!*

No. 22 corpus christi bay

pina colada
*our #2 best seller in the summer!*

No. 24 lemon tree
zesty lemon

No. 28 lonestar
smooth mahogany & teakwood aroma

No. 29 cowboy sweat
refreshing blend of
white nectarine, neroli, & lavender

No. 31 sweet mandarin chili
mandarin & tangy red chili

No. 32 pear margarita
sweet pear & lime

No. 34 fayette county fair
light, sweet vanilla, watermelon, &
cotton candy scented

No. 35 baja cactus
sweet coconut, white flowers, cactus stems, & vanilla notes
*our #1 year 'round best seller!*

No. 38 Eucalyptus Spearmint
fresh eucalyptus stems and spearmint

No. 39 cowhide

No. 43 blue spring
musky woods, citrus, lavender,
& vanilla undertones

No. 50 two story barn
cedar & apple cider

No. 52 one stack Mack
apple, ginger, cider, & sandalwood

No. 72 rustic woods
cypress, jasmine, cedar, & a splash of sugar
*our most "outdoorsy" scent*

No. 55 cinnamon buttercream
not too much of either; cinnamon & buttercream

No. 57 hot apple pie
very cinnamon & apple

No. 58 apple pumpkin butter
apple, pumpkin, & spice
*our #1 fall best seller!*

No. 63 pumpkin patch stroll
sister scent to our #58, more
buttercream & pumpkin, sans the cinnamon

No. 70 creamy candy
vanilla & cotton candy
Christmas Collection

No. 41 sippe mutze
("winter cap")

No. 66 gather near
warm cherry, armaretto and cider

No. 68 mistletoe kiss
pine & almond

No. 69 christmas blessings
juicy mulberry & cinnamon


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